So how did we come to this?

Early into our marriage the husband and I decided that we wanted to live abroad at some point in our lives.  I am also a lister.  And, as such, every year on our wedding anniversary I like to get all misty and plan the goals for our future.  Our goals have stayed pretty consistent.  Live abroad, have x number of dollars in the bank, get my masters, spend more time with the kids, speak multiple languages in the house.  Well, the universe listened.  I should have been more specific….

When the husband came home 9 months ago and asked me playfully if I wanted to move to Saudi Arabia I laughed, said hell no, and thought that would be the last of the ridiculous idea.  But, it was not.  See, the husband is working on building a massive plant there.  He has been working stateside on this project for 5 years.  It has been a baby of his, of sorts, and the project is nearing the on site ‘labor’ phase and he is keen to go.  He will be one of the youngest there and it would be an incredible move for him professionally on many levels.

I have juggled the F/T working mom gig for almost 6 years now.  Both kids went to Montessori starting at 3 months old and both are F/T instead of School time at school (5PM pick-up instead of 3PM) and are starting to really notice the difference.  I also commute about 45 minutes or more total each day.  I don’t want my kids to feel sad because I cannot be there to pick them up at 3PM.  I know I will return to work when I get back from Saudi but for two years I can make sure they are 3 o’clockers.  I wanted a chance to reset the clock.  I just didn’t realize that the reset would come in the form of a move to Saudi Arabia.