Cold Feet and a Stiff Drink

You know that moment when you decide you finally want to try to have your first child.  You spend months or years discussing it, you enjoy planning for it and yet what hits you when you finally see those two lines?  Joy followed by abject fear.  A primal fear that no one warns you about.  You have now made a decision that will alter life as you know it and in ways you have no idea.  Yeah, moving to Saudi Arabia is kinda like that.  

I give notice at the end of this week.  Hans leaves in 9 weeks.  Meaning things just got very real, very fast.  This is no longer theoretical, but acutely factual.  I chickened out telling one of my best friends (and co-worker/carpooler) Friday, not because she will be surprised but because I was terrified of the reality of it all.  As of today, I have 15 work days left before I am all in this move.  Sobering.  

Lets do this thing!  (Hand me a beer)


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