On letting go…

So, those that know me will laugh at this post. Full disclosure, I am neither good at letting go or half-assing things. I just can’t do it. Cleaning takes me a bagillion hours, I take photos of empty carseats, it’s my thing.

So, quitting my job and moving to saudi arabia with an insanely noodley timeline obviously makes me a bit itchy. But that is the rub. In the kingdom of saudi arabia (ksa) they have a saying about things happening on time as “if Allah agrees” roughly speaking, I translate this to louisianian as “if stuff happens it’s lagniappe” Not so easy for a me.

And now, I have to be all in. I give notice tomorrow. And I have to let go of everything I have worked for since I have worked and specifically the last (almost three year). Another truth that should be spoken is that I am broken when it comes to work. I cannot do something less than the best of what I am capable and I expect the same of everyone in my life. It is unfair and yet, it is me. I cannot escape it.

I tell work tomorrow. Letting go is part of the picnic basket. I just didn’t bring the right tools. Also, I happened to pack side dishes of emotions, trepidation, and letting go.

Come tomorrow, I am no longer in charge of financial validity, I have an anciilllary role in the future of honors. It is the ultimate test of letting go.


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