On Packing with Friends

One of the things I think people embarking on this type of journey forget, guys especially, is the physical act of saying goodbye.  Too much time is wasted on trivial things like packing and to-do lists.  Stuff that at the end of the day is just that, stuff.

Last week I sat down and counted the days until the husband leaves.  52 days.  That is a very short time to say goodbye to a lot of incredible people.  Folks that he will not see in earnest for two years.  So, my focus last week was arranging time to see as many important people as possible so that it isn’t left to chance or one frenzied weekend that we try to see everyone and spend so little time with them that we actually see no one.  This past weekend we smoked a piggy with incredible friends while the kids played, and yesterday we spent a lot of time in the car in order to see folks that we would not have seen otherwise.  Our weekends are going to be like that until he goes, and the weeknights will be spent with the kids and their dad.  Soaking in as much time with him as possible because that separation will be the hardest on everyone.  

But, the singular act of focusing on the people we leave behind rather than the things we leave behind I think is paramount to an emotionally healthy journey.  Plus, it gives us permission to enjoy the weekends with good friends, food and memories. Memories that we can hold onto in the sandbox.  I’ll take those over an artfully packed box any day.


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