A pile of limp greens

So, with everything else going on I decided taking the GMAT would be a smart idea.  While in Saudi I would like to get my MBA (online) and I have to take the GMAT to do that and I would like to enroll in Fall 2014.  Best intentions and all of that.  Seemed logical.  Except when it came time to actually study for the darn thing.

In the past I have know to pick up a huge pile of greens (either from my garden or the farmer’s market) when it suits my fancy with grand intentions of making kale chips or canning it all, blah blah blah.  Drives the husband crazy.  But then, life takes over and while I know it is hanging out in the fridge needing to be processed life and family become a whirlwind and before I know it, it is 10:00 PM on a weeknight and I am frantically trying to salvage what I can of the sad pile of greens all while making no noise and getting side-eyes from the husband.  It is a sickness really.

Well, studying for the GMAT was exactly like that!  I knew I needed to study but crates and packing and health exams and new roofs and life just took over.  My brain was mush by the time the kids were in bed so studying math was out of the question.  So, I found myself 4 days before the test wondering what the hell was I thinking and trying to salvage the sad pile of greens I had gotten myself into.  I threw myself into studying, decided that there was just some math I wouldn’t even try to remember how to do it, logged into Kahn Academy and kicked it into high gear.  For four days…….  Would not recommend this method btw.  And, while I could have gotten a higher score with a more traditional study practice I surprised myself with how well I did.  It is not going to get me into Harvard but that was never my intention.  So, that will do pig, that will do.