In Louisiana, lagniappe is defined as something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure. When we awoke in the morning we had a choice to make. We could either continue pouting that our plan went awry of we could see this as lagniappe. We chose lagniappe. And the glorious thing about lagniappe is that it is always an unexpected blessing. We caught up on sleep, we spent relaxed time with friends and family, and enjoyed being in our house for a few more days. Stress dissolved, the bags were left untouched in the living room, and we all enjoyed accepted contentment.

But, the situation on the 4th had left one critical part of this move in limbo. My kitty. On paper now, she could not come. Her export permit would expire on 1/6. Now, I know many folks would not try to bring an animal with them on this trip, God knows it would certainly be easier and cheaper too. You all would be in my husband’s camp. In my defense though, I was moving halfway around the world to the land of abayas, permission notes from my husband, and restricted mobility so any arguments to the contrary fell on deaf ears.

So, I embarked on a campaign to make this happen. Either an extension of the government form expiring on 1/6 or a reissue of the form to cover the few days it was needed. And, when I tell you I had an army help me do this it is no exaggeration. Even now, I cry thinking of the the kindness friends, family and strangers showed me through this process. And, in the end I had reassurance from the Saudi consulate, along with an additional usda endorsed aphis form just in case, and airline approval. All five of us would be going at last.


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