Bringing home in a suitcase

Anyone who knows me well knows I love to pack. It is an art form that I have mastered and relish the opportunity to use it. My OCD nature treats it like a game and others stand by in bemused bewilderment. Anywho, my traditional approach to packing is to bring as little luggage as possible while maximizing the options in the case. The husband and I went on a two week European vacation with only a carry on. Enough said 🙂

But, with this move I was confronted with a 4-6 week delay between us arriving and receiving our crates in kingdom. So, I couldn’t just send everything in the crates and stick to my usual method, although in hindsight I probably should have. Added to this equation too, was my desire as a mom to make the compound feel like home as soon as we arrived. Knowing that the kids would be confronting newness around every corner, I wanted them to feel familiarity at home. So, that meant I turned to the more is better approach. And I mean way more. Two checked bags per person, plus our allowed carry ons and a cat. It was a bit of overkill admittedly, and while we had to deal with the rubbish that is united for baggage check in I must admit it is nice to have full closets, lots of pictures and things from home to decorate the place, and fun stuff to add to the cupboards.

If I ever do something this epic in scale again though, I think I will edit more carefully and stick with my tried and true approach. I know the husband would endorse this wholeheartedly!


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