Let me entertain you…again….

I knew that eventually it would all catch up with me. A month home with two bored kids and now in a compound to boot, let us just stay that we are all growing a bit weary of each other’s company. Husband is busy with work which means kid entertainment rests on me. Let us just say I am tired. Even with new Legos, gobs of Christmas toys and new playgrounds in less time than you think I am bombarded by entertainment requests. In their defense, they are used to going to school 6.5 hours a day, five days a week. Hanging out at home with mom and each other pales in comparison to the constant engagement that they are used to.

And, because of jet lag we are on a strict no nap policy (if not the kids are wide awake at 2:00 AM) and that leaves no breathing room for me. Thankfully we go in for Isabella’s evaluation in four days and hopefully they will begin school in the next two weeks. After that, I hope some rest and routine will set us all on the right path. At the moment though, I am regretting not taking a moment for myself before I left.


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