Road trip and Adult Regression (18 January, 2014)

So remember when you got your first apartment in college and you were soooo excited to go to ikea? I remember pouring over the catalogue, dog earring pages and wandering through the store and leaving with my plunder. Well, after almost a decade of home ownership and more years than that since I stepped inside of an ikea I find myself once again overly excited about my ikea shopping cart.

IKEA is a rite of passage here given the lack of storage and lamps and desks and many other things. So, we arranged a car for the hour long drive to Dharan for our first trip to ikea (yes, there will be more). The boy loved the drive down and spent the entire time describing every.single.truck we saw on the road in a not so inside voice, which was amusing in its own rite. For the record, there are a lot of trucks.

To compete my adult regression, we saw camels roaming on the side of the road. There is nothing that will release my inner three year old faster than a herd of camels. Well, maybe a particular pelican on a specific road trip, but I digress. So there was much rejoicing in the vehicle. After the camel distraction we made it to the largest mall I have ever seen, ate accidental breakfast for lunch and tackled Ikea. While the husband may not have enjoyed being reacquainted with the Allen wrench, I deem the trip and bounty a success.


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