I have spent many moments, sometimes in the same second, wondering if this was the bravest or dumbest thing we have ever done. And honestly, I can probably argue both points with equal enthusiasm. But then, I have moments of lucidity. So many people dream of testing their personal limits, of not having a shred of security blanket to rely on. To break free of mediocrity and expectations. To travel the world, to be present int the world, to see and experience the world with your own eyes and ears and mouth and feet. And we get this opportunity. We chose this opportunity. And while I sometimes feel like the biggest idiot by leaving our world behind I also feel deeply grateful that we made this choice. Saudi would never have been my preferred destination but I know we will all emerge from this experience better citizens of the world and stronger people. The list of places we want to experience can be crossed off and added to fluidly here. And for that, I am deeply grateful.