A Certain Charm

There is a certain charm to Saudi Arabia. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things about the people, the processes and the customs of this country that make daily life uncomfortable and at times unbearable. But, if you commit to finding this country’s charm you will.

For every story you hear about a negative interaction here there are usually untold stories of saudi kindness and generosity. There is a small subset of the population here that is intent on bridging the gap between a closed society and the transient experience of an expat. In this group, there is a general desire to help us decipher their society and its rules, and to welcome us, as visitors, to it. I appreciate these people immensely as they make me feel more at ease here. There is so much daily judgement and critical observation of my personal existence in this country but these kind souls help me lift the veil just enough to understand we are not altogether different after all.