Four Saudis, An Egyptian and Me

The world works in strange and mysterious ways and every Tuesday I find myself embracing the weirdness that is my life.  I serve on the task force assigned to fix my broken compound.  So, every Tuesday morning I find myself seated at the table with 4 Saudis and 1 Egyptian, all men of course.  The truly interesting part, and something that I would never anticipated in my previous life, is that I not only participate as an equal I am respected as one of leaders of this unlikely partnership.  I am included in all communications with this group and my opinion and advice is not only welcome, it is solicited.  And, it has made a difference.  And I am proud.  Slowly things are being fixed, in record speed frankly for this country, and my relationships with the members of this odd cohort deepen daily.

Everything about my experience in Saudi to date has been surprising.  It has pushed me to my limit, and past it many times honestly.  Looking back there are days I am not sure how I made it through.  But still, I stand.  I am more battered and bruised than when I arrived but I am also more self aware, deeply confident and accomplished than I ever thought possible. And, for that, I am weirdly thankful for this place.