Anyone that knows me knows that I am my own worst critic.  I can’t help but focus on the flaws, the failures.  It both keeps me awake at night and drives me.  But, the universe has a way of reminding me that I don’t suck at life. In one week in June the year and a half of sometimes soul-crushing work I do was recognized.  As someone who typically operates in the wings or shadows it was a odd moment of public accolades.  I was recognized personally, professionally and as the leader of team.  The most important piece, personally, of all of this was a line in an incredible letter from a colleague that is leaving, someone that was responsible for my current job.  He said I was the most important person for the company in the Kingdom, the one that has made the most impact.  It has taken weeks to truly digest this.  Me, a stay at home momma, a volunteer turned employee.  And, I smile when I think of all of the cards stacked in front of me when I landed here, and the improbable truth that this statement validates me not only overcoming it all but succeeding.  It is a reminder that I needed.  That what I do does matter, it does positively impact the world around me.  The work is worth it.